Please be sure to dress your child in weather-appropriate clothing especially on any day it is raining, looks like rain or has rained. Rain coats, hoods, boots and rain pants make playing and learning in nature easy, relaxed and LOTS OF FUN! 


Class # Day Times Ages Spots Available
3A Wednesday 9:30am–11:30am 2-3 0
5A Friday 9:30am–11:30am 2-3 0

Holidays and other Days we are closed

  • No classes Mon to Fri, Feb 17-21, 2020 President's Week
  • No Classes Mon to Fri, Apr 13-17, 2020 Spring Break



Payment Plan Amount Due
Paying in Full.Includes deposit.
$900.00 Due upon Enrollment


Payment Plan Amount Due
Drop in. 'seedlings'
$50.00 Due upon Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions about 'seedlings'


Register early to get an early-registration date even if you do not have TIER ONE OR TIER TWO enrollment as described below.


Spots are offered first to all families enrolled in Fall 2019 (TIER ONE families) for the same day and class.

Spots still open after TIER ONE Enrollment period will be offered on a first-come (date registration is received), first-served basis to TIER TWO registrations received. 

Reminder: No need to wait until TIER TWO period to register. If you are a TIER TWO or TIER THREE family, and you register before your TIER number, your child's registration will be held in a pending status until your TIER period.

TIER TWO is available to Fall 2019 WAITLISTED and returning Nature Nurture families.

TIER THREE is available to all new Nature Nurture families.

It is recommended that all families register as soon as they know they are interested in a spot, even if your family is in the Tier Two or Tier Three registration period as spots are offered on a first-come (date registration is received) and first-served basis.

EXAMPLE: If your family is new to Nature Nurture, your Tier number is Three. 

If a new to Nature Nurture family (Tier Three) registers on Mon., Oct 14th and another new to Nature Nurture family (Tier Three) registers on Tues., Oct 15th:

the new to Nature Nurture family that registered on Mon., Oct 14th will have first option for a spot if any are still available after the Tier One and Tier Two registration period. The 2nd new to Nature Nurture family that registered on Tues., Oct 15th will be offered the spot if: 1) there are any spots available after Tier One and Tier Two registration period, and 2) the new to Nature Nurture family that registered on Mon., Oct 14th declines the offered spot.

WHEN to ENROLL *** Please feel free to enroll at any time ***

FIRST DAY of REGISTRATION for all is SUN., OCT 6, 2019.

Registrations will be eligible for class placement during the Tiers listed below:

TIER ONE - SUN., OCT 6 through midnight SUN., OCT 20, 2019
All families enrolled in Fall 2019 are eligible for class placement in same class(es) as Fall 2019.

TIER TWO - MON., OCT 21 through midnight SUN., NOV 2, 2019
All families on Fall 2019 WAITLIST are eligible for class placement.
All past Nature Nurture families are eligible for class placement.

All new Nature Nurture families and Tier One and Tier Two families are eligible for class placement.

Refund Insurance: $45.

Refund Insurance must be purchased at time of enrollment (registration).

WITH Purchase of Refund Insurance:

Before or by November 18, 2018: Any monies (excluding non-refundable deposit and refund insurance) already paid are refunded 100%.

On or after November 19, 2018: With at least two weeks' notice in writing prior to withdrawing from session, a credit* for remaining classes not taken is given. This credit may be used for any available classes taken by end of Summer CAMP 2020. (This credit is not transferable.)

Any credits not used by end of Summer CAMP 2020 will not be refunded or available. Sorry, no exceptions.

WITHOUT Purchase of Refund Insurance:

No refunds. Sorry, no exceptions.

Missed Classes and Makeups:
Unfortunately, due to our small class sizes and filled classes, we have had to discontinue our missed classes / makeup policies.

In order to accommodate your children's and family schedules, we have worked very hard to incorporate and match the holidays given at SF-based preschool, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes.

No refunds or makeups are given for missed classes. (Sorry, no exceptions.)

* credit does not include non-refundable deposit or refund insurance.

More Information

Is your child new to the 'seedlings' program, or are you looking for more information about Nature Nurture? Please review our frequently asked questions.

Contact Us

Nature Nurture
P.O.Box 170358
San Francisco, CA 94117

Outdoor Locations

Regular Location

93 Moraga Ave., SF, CA 94129
Drop off and Pick up:

The address to google is:
Presidio Bowling Center
93 Moraga Avenue, SF, CA 94129 

However, the actual drop off and pick up spot is:
West side of Presidio Bowling Center
Montgomery Street
(between Moraga & Bliss)

Legal metered parking is available on:

Presidio Bowling Center parking lot (corner of Montgomery and Sheridan)
Bliss (in between Montgomery and Infantry Terrace)
Mongomery Avenue

Please do your best to find a parking spot vs double parking. 

If need be, we are happy to come and get your child or bring them to you at end of class. Simply call Linda at 415 939-8911.

When it is raining

93 Moraga Ave., SF, CA 94129. Same as Normal Location.
Our Rainy Day spot is now our Normal Location.

Our Rainy Day Spot was so much FUN, we decided to make it our Normal Location. It's under a grove of Redwood trees, has dirt, mud when it's rainy, lots of leaves and sticks and a hill !!